U.S. and EU Expand Mutual Recognition Agreement to Include Animal Drugs

Sites making animal drugs need to be inspection-ready, as a single inspection report can now be relied upon by regulators in both the U.S. and some EU member states. Multi-jurisdictional regulatory actions could ensue. Christopher Fanelli, Chris Boyle and Yuzhi Hu explain.

Four Ways New Legal Proposals Could Boost the Animal Health Industry in Great Britain

The UK veterinary medicines industry needs to respond by March 31 to a consultation on proposed changes to the UK Veterinary Medicines Regulations which could boost data protection for regulatory submissions, incentivising innovation. However, companies need to be wary of potential increases in regulatory burden in other areas. Chris Boyle explains.


Consultations On EU’s New Law Aimed At Boosting Novel Animal Medicines

One year after the EU Veterinary Medicines Regulation (VMR) came into force, novel medicine developers have an important opportunity to shape its implementation. Chris Boyle and Bronwyn Tonelli look at what’s at stake for an industry which is embracing technological advancement, but which faces twice the administrative burden of the human medicine industry.