EU Investigation Into PRC Public Procurement for MedTech May Impact EU Market Access for PRC Companies

Concerns about the PRC’s medical devices procurement practices have led the EU to launch an investigation which could lead to the EU subjecting PRC companies, including MedTech companies, to market access restrictions in the EU. Sven De Knop, Lei Li and Maryanne Kamau explain.

Hong Kong’s Biotech Listings Emerge From Two-Year Downturn With 18As Booming

Biotech and medtech startups based in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) are flocking to Hong Kong to float. Meng Ding explains how a combination of listing reforms and an explosion of innovation in the Greater Bay Area have led to Hong Kong’s 18A process being popular for life sciences.

Chinese Parties to International Licensing Deals Should Consider How Terms Translate

Licensing deals are still relatively new in China compared to the United States and Europe. Tom Duley and Ruchun Ji explain why this means Chinese parties need to be careful about the history of terms and the choice of governing law and arbitration venue when negotiating contracts.

China’s Generative AI Measures Could Affect Life Sciences Companies That Make Apps

Those medtech companies which embed AI into an app allowing healthcare professionals or patients to ask questions and to receive a response will probably need to comply with China’s new Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services (the “Measures”). Lianying Wang explains.