AI-Powered Drug Discovery Efforts Could Lead to New Treatments

Stephen Abreu, Sidley partner, talks to Colin Hill, CEO and Co-Founder of AI-powered drug discovery company Aitia, about how the use of AI is revolutionizing the biotech space.

Colin Hill explains how our ability to predict and understand the actions of biological systems has historically been limited because of the complexity of “genetic circuitry,” but AI has allowed us to develop a more quantitative and predictive understanding of the actions of biological systems. This has very practical implications for oncology and new treatments for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

They also discuss how AI can be deployed on “undruggable” targets, and how the Aitia “Digital Twins” technology can be utilized with the goal of discovering novel combinations of drug targets.

“State of the Art”: – AI Use in Drug Discovery from Sidley Austin LLP on Vimeo.

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